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Meet Tekerra...

Peace all. I’m Tekerra and I’m a full spectrum doula, herbalist and wellness practitioner. I had my first introduction to birth work at the tender age of 14, when I attended birth classes with my sister and was very involved with her pregnancy. This experience was the spark to light the flame for my love of pregnancy, birth, postpartum and womb wellness.


Birthing my own child brought a deep confirmation for me that this path was in alignment with the ways that I desire to be in service. As a doula who’s the descendant of a midwife I seek to bring forth a strong element of traditional ancestral practices to my work. With the process of conception to postpartum being such a sacred and vulnerable time, we can lean on the wisdom of those who came before us for greater mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. It is my pleasure to provide holistic support with the use of herbal remedies, reiki healing, nutrition, ceremony and much more..

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