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We Provide...

"birth is an initiation. As a baby is born, so is a mother"

Smiling Pregnant Woman

Prenatal + Birth Doula

Birth and labour education and support

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Ritual + Ceremony

Honouring your ancestors by honouring yourself through spiritual practice

Baby's Grasp



Extended post birth care and support

Rustic Meal

La Cuarentena

10, 20 + 40 day postpartum "lying in" personal care facilitation dedicated to restoring the birthing body

Three Teacups

Day Of + Tea

Communication of birth progress to family and friends + light and healthy nourishment support of tea and light food

Black Pattern on White Fabric

The Village

Combination support.

Choose a combination of our offered services. 

It takes a village to raise a child! Let us be your village

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