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Day Of + Tea


Day of coordination isn't just for weddings! There are many ways our team can help ease your mind once labour starts. Labour can be very intense and a few things can happen—1: Mom calls repeatedly for updates, because she cares and is concerned and really wants to help. But you're not ready for that yet. 2: Your birth partner freezes up and everything you practiced goes out the window. They can't remember anyone's phone number, they can't remember where they left the keys, you name it. Let us help ease the tension and redirect you and your birth partner's focus back to you and baby, all with handcrafted light refreshments to keep you hydrated, fed and comfortable.




1 x ~ 60 min visit: There are a lot of things to oversee and questions to be answered for your delivery day. Your coordinator will handle all of these concerns by reviewing your birth preference plan, as well as compile a list of VIPs that you'd like to keep up to date on labour and delivery as well as creating a list of everyone involved and what their roles are


1 x 4 hour visit: When labour starts, you'll contact your coordinator and she'll begin to prep her list of announcements for your friends and family. She will introduce herself as your point of contact for any updates your family may have.

Your coordinator who is also a trained tea sommelier will also provide you with 4 hours of in person support providing fruit, herb and floral infused water, freshly steeped hand-blended teas and light tea sandwiches to help you and your team stay hydrated and fed during your birthing journey.


Your friends and family will continue to be well informed of your progression and a final beautiful birth announcement will be crafted for you announcing the arrival of your jewel child. 

 **Please Note: no labour support is included in this package.


$45/hr each additional hour



What is included in this service? 

A collection of herbal teas, fruit and floral water and tea sandwiches and your dedicated Day Of coordinator. 


Does this coordinator offer active doula services? 

No, this service is coordination and light food services only. If you're hoping for on-sight doula services you might consider it as an add-on. 

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