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New Parent Self Care

When you need to take care of yourself the most is often when it's hardest.

Self-care is not just getting a mani-pedi and doing your hair, though those are great too! It's about ensuring that your mental, emotional and physical needs are being met so that you can be your best self for you and your child(ren).

These are just a few methods of self-care. Try to find whatever makes you feel good and do that.

* Try some gentle yoga prenatal yoga poses, just a few, to help open up the body for flexiblity needed during labour (we can help you with this)

*Revitalize those fruits and veggies! Dash some #tajín on apple slices, lightly pickle those cucumbers into a souse, mix some curry and lime with sour cream to dip carrots.

*NAP! try to get a quick nap in for 15-20 mins before 3pm, making it easier to fall asleep at night

*Infuse your water overnight with fresh fruits, herbs and food grade flowers like rose petals, or lavender to help you down those 8+ glasses.

*Before checking your phone when you wake up in the morning, set aside 5 mins to practice some deep breathing and meditation to set your intentions for the day and connect with your baby. The perfect 'Me Time' day starter.

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